Im new here and im suffering alone

Hello Im super new to this found this web site on NHS

I think I'm currently suffering from depression for example i'm pretending to be happy at work and at home but soon as im alone in my room i just wanna cry and feel so sad.

I'm having trouble sleeping at nights and keep waking up at random times during the nights and forcing myself back to sleep and in the morning I can't get up I have no energy.

I feel like a failure i got nothing to live for.

At work when no one is talking to me i feel so down and tired like I could pass out, and if no one is talking me i feel like i did something bad and no one wants me around......

sometimes i wonder why here.....

Am I depressed? what should? will the doctors give medication because i don't people to feel pity for me!

i hope that made sense

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  • I also got depressions I don't have a Job, i have come to the UK cause my mother passed away this December just gone, i thought when i come back from Germany and live with my daughter in a rented flat will make it better. It worked for a while, then my depressions came back, my daughter works nearly all day and gets home by 9.35pm and I'm sitting at home trying to pass time, we have a young cat as well and i spend most of the day with our cat,but don't really have anybody to talk to, only when my daughter is coming home. I have put wieght on again and the fridge isn't far away. I lost weight when i came back from Germany,i didn't have any money and had to relay on my daughter for getting me food and she pays all the rent and bills and i can't contribute not having a job. If you mention depressions or diabetes at an interview for a job you're litarally out of the job. There's not a chance in the world if you got lifelong illnesses that anybody will give you a job anywhere, because you're counting to the people with special needs! The whole world changed to its disadvantage, people are just out for their own good and we're left behind,it doesn't matter what illness you got! You'll always loose out as usual and if you're lucky to get a job most of them just take advantage out of you and give you low paid jobs, which nobody would think of doing it in the first place!!!!!!!!! If you want to reply my E-Mail Adress is: constanceburnham@ I'd love to hear from you shortly. Many Greetings take care of yourself

  • its nice to hear im not the only one!

  • Well as i read your post. I think your thinking make you far from your friends relatives. You are not depressed but you must able to understand yourself for what you are feeling alone. I don't think you had made any mistake. So you wouldnot have to worry my friend. I also pass from many difficulties like yours. Try to keep smiling always being self motivated. Now days in youtube we can find many videos which makes us motivated. So friend never feel alone yourself and never make you think that you are not happy with you.

  • ah okay thankyou!x

  • I have suffered mental health problems for years, uncomfortable but not all the time. Without going in to details it is a very good idea to take medication, eg citalopram I take since about 2005, not a big dose but believe me it helps a lot though it is not the whole answer. Another thing to think about is that you are not alone, just ask the pharmacist how many people they prescribe medication to, you'll be shocked.

    This site is a good place to start, communcation with suffering people will help you.

  • Dont I need a doctors appointment to get those?

  • Yes, the first time I suffered with it, it was 6m before I went to the doctors but it was inevitable to go there in the end - perhaps if you are wondering whether to go the doctors you might not be as bad as you think

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