I feel depressed at the moment, I live alone, am unemployed, I have a limp, which I have been told is permanent, and I have to get on with it and accept it......I am only 40 years old.


I find it very frustrating, and I am worried about money too.... / The doctor has tried to help me.... but there is only so much they can do..................Lots of worries at the moment.......My partner is very good to me, and hes moving in soon, so I am lucky.......I have struggled a bit with holding down a job, due to depression...... and I feel so bad about this....I feel very unsettled,.............and dont really know what to do..........

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  • Hi there, where in the UK do you live - there are many peer support groups across the UK and it may be good for you to meet people who have, or are going through, similar issus to yourself.


  • Hi there,

    First of all, you're not alone. I'm lucky enough to be holding down a job and doing freelance work, but I have money and other worries too right now, and they can get on top of you. Funnily enough, I also have a limp, which I'm also stuck with, due to an old knee injury.

    You say your doctor has tried to help; did you get a referral for counselling or any prescription for medication? Both are valuable starting points when you're depressed.

    At teh moment I know quite a few people who are unsettled and not sure where their life is heading; like I said - you're not alone - right now there are a lot of us wondering what the heck is happeining in our lives!

    Take care and hang on in there - go see your doctor again, and try and get a counselling appointment set up - I think it could do you a lot of good.

  • Hi Thanks, for your nice reply I have made booked apptmt for counselling and iam on medication.....

    Good luck to you with wishes..

  • Hi,

    As Catlovingman says, you're not alone. That doesn't make your situation better directly of course but I was/still am going through a very bad patch and it's important to cling onto 2 important things a) As we've already said you're certainly not alone and b) you will improve. Good to hear you've got a supportive partner. Hang on in there and good luck to you both in the future. Ooh just one point, google "Mood Gym", It's an on-line CBT course. I've just started it so can't judge it yet but I'll try anything once.

  • Hi, don't beat yourself up about struggling - it's difficult to manage sometimes, especially when you've got a lot of worries. Glad to hear you're seeking help. Suex

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