GP role in identifying depression

Hi, am curious to know if depression is one of the illnesses that GP's receive a bonus for diagnosing. Having been back and forward to my gp over the years with autoimmune diseases, some with symptoms that can make you feel very low, I've often been asked whether I feel depressed and whether I think I have depression. I've then been asked to fill out a simplistic form. My usual answer is that yes I do feel low and depressed when dealing with some of my symptoms but I don't think I have depression. Is this issuing of forms widespread and if so does it serve a use in identifying people with depression who would be likely to slip off the radar?

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  • Hi Irene,

    Could you confirm where you are in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Norhern Ireland). The system is different in each country.


  • England

  • Hi Irene,

    Yes, doctors do get paid for the diagnosis.

    The issuing of forms is widespread and helps GPs to assess the long-term mental wellbeing of a patient.

  • What forms are these.I have not filled in any forms with the GP

  • Hi.

    You may have been asked to fill out the 25 question Burns Depression Check-list. Although it seems simplistic when analysed by a professional it is a very useful measure of depression. The check-list is useful for therapists to track the progress of patients.

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