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Is it weird in here or is it just me? - a book about real-time depression

Hi everyone

I just wanted to share with you a book I am reading at the moment by Rod Whyte. He wrote it during a spell as an inpatient in an Australian psychiatric hospital and thus he gives us the 'real' insight into depression. The way he writes has me constantly going "That describes me to tee!" or "Thank god I am not the only one." Unfortunately it is only available on Kindle but I feel like starting a campaign to get it released more widely and used in schools/colleges/universities to explain how depression feels from the inside.

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What's it called?


Sorry - I didn't make it that clear! The title of the book is the same as the title of this blog entry. :)


Oh, haha. Yes. Thank you.:)


Thank you for that book information, I have just purchased it, looking forward to reading it :-)



Yes, I think it's always a powerful experience when we find a book that conveys exactly how we feel - then we know other people feel the same as we do which makes us feel more human again!

I haven't read the book but have read other similar ones. I'm glad you are finding it helpful.



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