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Live in Hope

The last few days I have been feeling really depressed and Today I woke up feeling really flat my skin is so itchy I have Emperderm Onintment which I use everyday for Psoriasis and it helps with washing as soaps irritate my skin but today is the worse I have been for a long time so seeing DR for check up Fighting depression I thought was a challenge but now I just want to give up and accept but I do not want it to rule my life at times I feel it is taking over so I said OK you win now let me free I chat back to it like a friend cos I am the one living with this condition 24/7 my family are not interested and tell me that I have to deal with it as everyone gets depressed you just have to find a way to deal with it. I am taking Amitripylene and Atorvastatin I exercise when I can as I can not run or jump and walking is a nightmare for me as very painful I do exercises on the sofa when watching tv and I do deep breathing exercises but today is the worst I have been for a long time both feet and ankles are badly swollen primary LE I am so fed up with my body I have to be careful of what I eat cos of a flare up and I have hives feeling so low I do not know what to do anymore

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Hi Alfie 79, good to connect with you. I love the way you ask your depression to set you free. It gives a message of hope and really sounds like you don't want to give up. I don't want to give up either and was really close to it over Xmas. I've turned to alot of people for help and it'seems made a difference incluring a medication change. In past 2 weeks I've been feeling better, gone for a job and got it and feeling more confident. I went from being bed bound and calling the Samaritans to some sort of recovery. There is hope.....hope the itching goes away.is it a symptom of your medication? Don't give up, never gI've up

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Yes the richness is side effect of meds. I am so glad to hear you never gave up it proves there is life around the corner we just need to search for it hope all goes well for you as you deserve it x


Hello Alfie

I too had a very bad spell over Christmas, felt hopeless and called the Samaritans.

Two weeks on meds and meeting with a counsellor and I feel the weight of this burden lift enough to be able to give attention to people and activities I used to enjoy. Two weeks ago I never thought I would be where I am now and hope to improve further.

All the best with your recovery and remember you are never alone!


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