Depressed from home domestics

Hi to whoever might be reading this,

I've previously did a post months back in regards to depression and ways to deal with it. For the past years, whilst living with my parents they have always been domestics at home, constant arguments early in the morning and at late night. I've always had get dragged into the conflicts even when I don't want to get involved. It even led to physical conflict with me and my father once and he resulted to getting a knife on me. As years has gone by, my little sister has came into this situation and I don't want her to go through the mental battle and depression that I had to go through with this problem. It's gotten worse than expected to even the point where today at the time writing this post my parents, again, had a heated argument which almost resulted to them physically fighting. I'm not sure what I can do at this point, this has been going on for years, and the last thing I want is my little sister to have to go through the same mental problem as I had to as mentioned before. I was wondering is there anything that can be done about this. Enough is enough and it's not fair

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  • Married life is hard, there isn't really much you can do but I do advise you don't answer either of your parents back, even though you want to, it simly makes things worse. I very rarely answer my wife back and believe me she complains a lot and we have had a difficut marriage. I think it will be your father where the problem lies, it doesn't sound like he has much love or respect for your mum - have you talked to your mum about it, is there anything she can do not to escalate these situations - even learning to be quiet which takes a lot of strength, it is always easier to answer/fight back but so destructive

  • Thanks for the response I really appreciate it. Nowadays I don't pay attention when they're at it, but it's not me I'm bothered it's my little sister it's not fair for her to go through what I went through. In regards to their marriage she told me something along the lines of she's trying to process a divorce needs him to sign it, but he won't sign which I find unfair

  • Men struggle more than women after a divorce so this might persuade him to reign in his behaviour somewhat to at least remain together

  • If I am in your place, I would talk to them both when they are at their calm moment. Tell them how you feel and perhaps suggest some ways to work out their issue. It is not right to constantly fight in front of the kids. It doesn't mean that because they are your parents that you just have to shut up, parents are not perfect, they can learn from their children too, but that's down to their ego though.

  • I completely agree with you JR81 I think it's the ego of them both what causes this, but the best option would be to talk to them. Thanks I appreciate it.

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