Not sure why I've joined this but let's give it a go

Hi. New here. Not even sure why I'm on here. A week ago went to doctors and did a depression test. Got 17 out of 27 which is quite high, apparently. Was a bit reluctant at first to try antidepressants, so was told to try talking therapys. Don't really fancy this and so haven't yet phoned to make an appointment. Not sure about talking to someone I don't know. As the week has gone on, however I feel like I want something to just take the edge of a little so I can feel halfway normal. If that makes sense, and I know that ultimately I need to deal with my issues.

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  • where to start really, depression is a big issue and many, many suffer with it so you are not alone - try to communicate with others on this site and see how they cope.

    I definitely advise you speak to your doctor re medication, I ended up struggling with it for 6 months and got in a right state and needed 6 weeks off work to get over it - you might only need a small dose and there are no side effects - it definitely helps a lot but is not the whole solution.

    A couple of other things I might suggest

    - lower your expectations on life generally and work at being content, life is hard and many people really have very little, so work at humility - life doesn't HAVE to be so great does it.

    -allow your endurance levels to increase, take rest when you need to but don't rest for more than an hour at a time, doing household chores whilst not exiting in any shape or form is a great help because at least you are doing something useful as well as building your resilience

    also, just one day at a time....

  • Thanks for advice. Found the last week quite hard. Too much going on, too much to think about when really and truly most of it is probably out of my control. Anyway I did talk to a friend which did actually clear my head for a day or so. Then problem comes up and just keep thinking about it. Anyway, went back to doctors last night. Got prescribed Citalopram 20mg. Was a little worried about taking these after a bit of google research, as don't really know much about them. Anyway, took first one last night and so far so good. Feel a little sleepier than usual but then I am out the house by 5am, so hard to tell. I have felt happier today but under no illusion that it was anything to do with citalopram so far. Too early to tell anything so far I suspect. I understand they take between 2-4weeks to have any effect. I also understand that ultimately I need to deal with my problems and that this is in no way a cure on its own.

  • They're excellent, I've been on 10mg for a long time - no side effects and can take alcohol for example ! They take a number of weeks to work though, about a month

  • Cbt dbt are really NOT good therapy a good therapist is all you need, but you also need time to trust them. be aware therapy is just talking but don't admit to anything illegal as you will be reported to police and if you live in Wales UK they punish mental health issues as if it was murder. Be careful what you say and trust no one.

  • Hey funny name &brave chap!

    you seem very confused and a bit distressed . Join the club as they say .

    Tests don't mean anything because they are standardised and also your moods and circumstances change from day to day . We are all individuals and different .

    Antidepressants sometimes work and sometimes don't . You usually have to try more than 1 . You feel better for a while but unless very lucky you never completely recover .

    May talking therapy is worth a try . You have nothing to lose .

    Please don't give up in despair . Cecilia 13

  • Hey!

    Hope you're keeping well...any updates on your story?

    I know this is a bit of an old post but did you take the antidepressants? if so have they made a diffrence?

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