16, seeking advice and help

Hello, I'm a sixteen year old student and I have been struggling with my mental health for the best part of three years.

Feeling depressed has become a routine, so much so that I can't remember living without it. I used to be able to function around it, but I am now finding this increasingly difficult with the arrival of exam pressure and the constant expectations held above me from school. I am finding it very difficult to cope. I feel constantly weighed down, I don't find any enjoyment in life, and I am overly critical of myself. I feel hopeless, like my life is going absolutely nowhere, and I can't find the motivation to get out of at the weekends.

I have booked myself a doctor's appointment, and it is in two weeks . However, I am scared because I haven't told my parents. I don't want to keep them in the dark, but I don't want them to get angry at me if I tell them, either.

I am also scared that the doctor won't take me seriously, and nothing will be done to help me. Because I need help, and if the doctor can't help me, I have no idea what I will do.


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  • Hi There,

    You school has that expectation because they might be able to see how capable you are and they don't mean anything bad by it.

    I found that during my GCSE's a structured approach to revising is best. so one day revise 2 or 3 subjects then relax, then the next day revise another 2 or 3 and break it all up over the week leaving time for you to enjoy something else. don't forget to achieve something good and worthwhile you need a balanced approach in life. whilst on one hand you dedicate time to do the hard work and the rest to relaxing or enjoying an interest. so don't weigh yourself down over it and don't be so critical on yourself, its the wrong way to deal with it and you could end up making your depression worse than it is. just take a step back and structure your day and routine. remember to eat well, you need plenty of energy to revise all that :)

    to relax either ask your mum or dad lets go out or ask your mum that you have some sort of interest you want to pursue and it doesn't have to be expensive and maybe some pocket money would be good, and fulfil that interest in your spare time. I know its easy said than done but this is how you can break up your time. if you have friends then see them and go out for the day and you will find that coming back to revision and you will feel relaxed.

    with regards to talking to your parents, you are the a love joy to them and i'm sure they won't take it the wrong way if you tell them, just be open that you were scared to tell them in case they flip. we've all struggled in life when we were young and parents were always there to give a caring shoulder or hand so I would not worry so much. if you do tell them then if you feel that the struggle is too much then take your parents to the school to see your form tutor and head teacher and talk about it. the school wants you to achieve the best you can get and they should give you extra support with maybe counselling but you are best to ask.

    Don't forget that depression is something you fix with a pill, its something that you have to nurture yourself and practice to come out of it, as it mainly has to do with how you think and and changing your approach and it takes time.

    Take things easy and step at a time.

  • You doctor will take you seriously, don't worry. they will then refer you on to someone who you can talk to and who can help you. If you can tell your parents, please do. My son didn't tell me but took himself off to the doctor and then on to his referred councelling without us knowing. He just wants to do this himself but we so wish he could have come to us and said how he was feeling.

    As a parent there is no way that I could feel anger towards my child - just complete love and a need to help and, of course, worry and a sadness that they weren't happy.

    Please take a deep breath and talk to them - so they can help you and take you to any appointments.

  • i am also 16, exams are difficult but the point in them. also telling your parents if hard, it was easy for me because my mum suffers with what i have but if you tell them you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulder :D

  • Just now that telling someone how you feel is the bravest thing you can do, I know (firsthand) it can be really difficult but you CAN do it. Just remember that you are not alone.

  • I'm currently in the same position as you feeling the same way , I guess it really helped to read that someone else is going through the same thing. 

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