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I'm 17 years old and i am struggling with depression and not being able to feel comfortable. it all started when i was starting secondary school where being the lowest year was very intimidating. i was regularly being bullying in very sly and horrible ways, mainly name calling by my own thought to be friends. this carried out throughout school until i left and now i am at college. the friends i used to have had i no longer have and i feel very lonely. i spend most of my time being inside and not having the confidence to be out. i am often paranoid about what other people will think about me and if there is anything wrong with me. i just need help and know if this will get any better. at the moment i feel like nothing will get better and there is no worth living anymore. my parents are always asking me if i am fine and i always say i am but they know i'm not but i hate them thinking there is something wrong. this is my final attempt of getting help as of today i broke down and couldn't take anymore. if anyone has gone been through this in there teen-age please help me i am worried for my own sake.

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  • Hello..I know it is tough time for you but please don't let your feelings get the best of you..I went through the same thing when I was i high school..What I did was i started up a new hobby,where I met new friends. It was a very good experience for me because the new hobby became a venue where I found myself again..

  • Aww so sad to listen your story..hey life is so beautiful to live and love.Why you hate your parents you are so precious to them.if you don't find love from others try to give love to others.All the best man.hey you are so strong

  • Hey.

    What DOES get better is that there aren't so many "cliques" in "real life." After I left high school, I found that out.

    I'm 38 years old and I am still trying to not care what other people think but it's definitely gotten better over the years. In the end, we ARE all the same. We're all suffering through this life and we have to figure out how to make the best of it. I try to think, "So what if they think I'm stupid? What do *I* think of me?? I don't think I'm stupid!" Maybe try to follow the thought all the way through. Imagine what you think they're thinking about you (which is probably just imagined in your head anyways) and see if you agree or not. Perhaps if you DO agree, you can try to work on it and change it. That's what I try to do. I'm forever trying to improve myself. I figure by the time I'm 95, I'll be JUST the person I want to be. And then I'll die. Hahaha.

    I get depressed and just want to stay at home but I find that action helps. Get out of the house. Go DO something. Someone once said (maybe on here), "Find something physically demanding that you find useful" and I thought that was helpful advice.

    You don't have the confidence to go out but the more you go out the more confidence you'll have. It's an awful, vicious circle but that's the way it works usually. You have to make yourself go out and do things. That's what I do. I force myself out. I made a few new acquaintances and I make myself go out to meet them. I don't want to. I want to stay home and read. That's what I love to do. But I get depressed wrapped up in my own thoughts and I know it's good for me to interact with others so I make myself do it.

    Life isn't all crap and it isn't all good. It is moments of happy and moments of sad. "If you look for the good you'll find it and if you look for the bad you'll find it." I agree with that and try to look for the good. It's difficult. But what do we do? Live or die.

    I wish you the best and I really hope things get better for you.

  • I went thru all of that when I was a teenager. Life does get better. Sometimes we have to look within ourselves not what others see or say about us. We are all unique. We're not suppose to be the same. Don't be afraid of what others may think cause you too have great qualities. Nurture them. Go after what you want for yourself. Who cares what others may think. Love yourself, by being real honest with yourself first. Journal. Work on getting your self-confidence back.

    You're a good caring person. I know you care for yourself. We all go thru changes and we must grow to be strong. You will get stronger.

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