depression and anxious

I feel so depressed and feel so alone....i cant sleep eat or do anything. i suffer with agoraphobia, depression, social phobia and anxiety. im run down under weight weak but some how still mangae to put on a brave face for others to see inside im crying and broken. i have 5 children and struggle everyday to be the best mum when all i want to do is stay in my own bubble and ignore the world. im fighten to stay in and i fighten to go out is there anyone that feels the same?

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  • So sorry to hear this you are actually stronger than you think, 5 children wow! Do you have a partner to help you and family? Are you getting professional help and medication for you symptoms.

    I hope feel better I really do x

  • thanks for your reply. i do have a partner and family and they try to be supportive but they dont understand it and i dont really talk to them about it as im scared to let them in incase they judge or tell me to " pull myself together " ive been refered forr therapy but im on a waiting list for about 6 months. i was on medication but i kept forgetting to take it and now im scared to take it because of the sigh effects so ive told my doctor i will start in the 6 weeks holiday as i dont have to worry about going out to do the school run so any side affects i will be safe in my house.

  • I have struggled for about twenty years.then last year l had a massive break down.l also have two gorgeous children an eleven year old son & a seven year old daughter.if you want to talk please get intouch,then I can explain how I got through all what your are suffering so badly with,then hopefully l can help you come out the other side fighting this nasty illness. Kind regards Sidney.

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