Taken my First Fluoxetine today!

After years of struggling thinking I could overcome this 'thing' I have to deal with everyday - I have finally admitted to myself that I need help. I was prescribed Fluoxetine 3 years ago, but chose never to take them - I didn't need them, I was strong, tablets are a sign of weakness (i thought).....well here I am today admitting I was wrong and maybe if I'd have dealt with it back in 2011 I wouldn't be the wreck I am today!

Over the weekend I've had suicidal thoughts - not that I'd do it but I was imagining the instant relief of nothingness. And today I struggled so much to get in to work, I was 1/2hr late and when I was at my desk my brain wouldn't work - I had a word with myself and thought this is not good enough and I phoned the doctor.

I still wish that I didn't have to take tablets but to function 'normally' and to hold my job and relationship as well as my sanity I'm glad I made that call today - I know I'm in for a long journey and can't expect to feel better overnight as the doctor has started me off on a low dose of 20mg per day. Fingers Crossed!!

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  • its a tricky situation when work and relationships are involved. make sure your partner and family know what you're going through and how you want them to be there for you. sometimes people want to be there for you but they might say things that don't help. work wise if there is someone there you can sincerely trust and they can assist in helping you when you feel down. i was unfortunate in that i started my new job and 4 months in i had to deal with depression which only got worse. so i can understand exactly how you feel. work are legally required to provide support with mental health issues, reduced hours or phased return to work if its really bad and at no point should they or your manager discriminate you or think you are not capable for the role. if you have a corporate intranet site then find out if they provide such support and use it as a last option.

  • Thank you :)

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