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A little help please

Hello people I'm Mannara and to be very honest I have joined in to seek help. I'm a student and this is the last year of my school , things are not going well I don't understand I have really really tried to make them better but no use .

I'm an introvert and people usually see it as a kind of illness to be treated . I never had friends cause I just don't fit in anywhere however in the past 2 years I tried very hard to fit in but that is not me. I can't be myself with these people I don't like . People say that you have to love others in order to be happy and successful which is quite true but these people make me hate them pretty much everyone. There is no one whom I can talk to who can understand me no one not even my mom I feel so alone. I cry alone in my room almost everyday and no one cares cause no one knows and do not bother to know .

My another problem is school it made consult psychiatrists . I was so sick and annoyed with it that I hardly went to school this year as a result my attendance got short and I was not allowed to give midterms . Now I'm going regularly but any of my work isn't complete and I'm not studying at all . I have tons of work pending which I keep delaying . I have tried a lot of stuff but nothing helps me to force myself to work or study. I'm a master procrastinator so good that I think I deserve an award .

I don't know what's wrong with me I read I journal, I exercise , I do yoga , I meditate not regularly though , I'm organised . I do everything accept for studing this is crazy .

If you people have any suggestions please help I shall really be thankful.

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Hi Mannara

Welcome to our Community.

Would you just confirm your age please?

Thank you





Hello Mannara

Thank you for confirming your age. May I say your English is very good.

It sounds like you are finding the volume of outstanding work and study de-motivating. This is making you upset and very stressed meaning that you are putting off this work and study.

The only way to catch-up Mannara is to make a start. I can make a suggestion that may help but you have to find a way to motivate yourself.

Do you think it might help to break the outstanding work/study into smaller more manageable chunks?

I would suggest that you first write down a list of all your outstanding work and study. Try not to get alarmed if the list is long.

It is a good idea to create a schedule detailing the times each day you need to devote to completing the outstanding work/study. It is important that times are achievable and you include short breaks.

Follow your schedule at all times.

Any recreational activities for example reading, journaling, exercise etc can be enjoyed after planned work/study.

You can then cross through outstanding work from your original list as it is completed.

As outstanding work is completed hopefully this will have a positive effect on how you feel.

I appreciate it may mean you have to make some sacrifices in the short-term but it will be worth it in the long-term.

If you find you are really struggling are you able to talk to your teacher or somebody else at school?

I hope this helps Mannara. We are always here to support you, take care,

Lottie x

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Thank you so much for repling it's good to know that someone cares.

Actually I already have done this. I have made a list of everything I have to do already . But when it comes to planning, you have no idea how much I make plans or scedules or routines and I get started but I can't stick to them for long.


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Sorry that's half .

But giving up is no option. I'm ready with another plan I hope it will work this time.

Also I wanted to ask can I post my articles in here cause I am very fond of writing but am not sure about the quality of the content . I can't find a platform for this.

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Hello Mannara

I appreciate it can sometimes be difficult to adhere to planned work/study times. Do you think you may be repeatedly making new schedules as a way to avoid completing your unfinished work/study?

It is so important that the times you schedule for work and study are achievable. That way all of the scheduled time is used productively for work and study and nothing else. As you complete each piece of work you can put it aside and concentrate on the next piece of work. As each piece is finished the number of outstanding pieces of work will become less. Very soon this will hopefully act as a motivator to continue. Of course it means hard work but it is achievable. It will mean self-discipline and you may have to make some sacrifices. Remember Mannara this will be for a relatively short time and will be of long term benefit as you move forward.

You also asked about posting articles as you are fond of writing. Take a look at the Community Guidelines in the 'Pinned Posts' on this page. At the same time take a look at How to Lock Your Posts if you wish them to remain private in this Forum.

If you would still like to check content you can Message me and include a copy of your article and I will be more than happy to take a look, take care.

Lottie x


Well that is so true. I never looked at it like that. Thanks for making me realize. I do make unachievable plans and than get irritated or start procrastinating. I should make plans according to my capabilities. I'm so silly.

Lottie X thank you so much for helping. This means a lot to me . I'll definitely work according to your advice.

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Hello Mannara

Thank you for your reply. Please try not to put yourself down by saying you are silly. You most definitely are not. You have identified and asked for a little help and have acted in a positive and mature manner. That will hold you in good stead in the future.

Mannara, when you reply could I ask you to click on the green Reply button at the foot of my last reply to you please.That way I am automatically notified of your Reply and not in danger of missing any. Thank you and I wish you well.

Lottie x


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