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it's been nearly 3 yrs since all this happen i still cant say the words (the situation im in) not sure why havent really tried to write any of the words down, as i know it wont happen. As people know making decisions,big or small is stressful and you get really indecisive(not sure if this is the word to use). If people know whats been going on with you why do they act they dont know and get so impatient then you end up getting upset

Does anyone have trouble saying words that describe whats been going on ???? or is it just me ?????

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  • Have you been to see your GP - not a great fan of medication myself but it can help some people.

    Stress can cause problems with memory and finding words can get difficult - so would imagine it is quite common.

    Depression also has some subtle effects on the memory and can make it very difficult to remember specific events.

    If you haven't already seen GP and decide to go ask him to blood tests (and include B12 if you can - not normally done - unlike Thyroid - but can also affect mood)

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  • some people have the gift of the gab, i wish i could just let my brain connect with my mouth, it is like there is a high barrier in between sometimes.

    Feeling that I have nothing worthwhile to say doesn't help---. I think sometimes friends think they are being tactful by not bringing up sensitive subjects, when what i really need to do is let it all out.

    Lucky lucky people who can always be open and say what they think..

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  • people do that becuase they don't know how to deal with your issue so best for them is to avoid you. when i had depression i told my nearest team at work but my 1 team colleague preferred to avoid me. if i say lets get a tea or coffee, he say i'm busy, but half hour later he goes with someone else and don't ask me. depression is treated like a taboo that not many know how to deal with someone who has it or prefer not to know. those that recover from it or dealt with a close family member with depression know what it's like and know the support to give but it may not always be the case. i wouldn't take it to heart. if you can't tell someone or say it then you need to write it down on paper whats happened and why it did. read it to yourself. i used to do that on quite a few occasions. hope this helps

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  • don't forget depression is 90% curable. its just a matter of changing your mindset and learn to deal with things in a different approach. the past is past and gone, so write down what happened, talk it through with yourself and mentor yourself to gradually throw the thoughts away. if anything happens that triggers a past bad memory then walk away and teach yourself to not dwell on it. When i had depression it got to the point that i wanted to finish it, my past memories were to overwelming, i use to blame my past for being the way i am but i needed to change or i would be locked in with these thoughts. i resigned from work which i do not regret and started my path to recovery. i joined a animal rescue centre charity on voluntary basis as a handyman, did a 1 week intro plastering course, its cost me but it was fun and after a 2 months 70% of my depression went. its still there at times and catches me out but doing something constructive to gently move your mind away from where you are is the best way. charities have some very understanding people so you can talk to them and tell them why you want to volunteer and you get a chance to meet and talk to people. i also can't stress enough the importance of taking cod liver oil on a long term basis, this will help perk up the neurons in your brain and give you a positive feel. balance that with doing something creative or do puzzles will perk up the brain activity along with exercise like jogging. if you have a friend or close family member ask them if they'd like to do a sport activity like badminton or squash. tell them why and that it could help you. its fun, keeps you active and gets you out of the house. wish you all the best .x

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