Psychiatrist who do not give strategies with diagnosis should be fired. I deal with attention deficit disorder. I keep truckin!

 Psychiatrist who do not give strategies with diagnosis should be fired.  I deal with attention deficit disorder. I keep truckin!

I was depressed when I was 30. I am going to be 64 I haven't been clinically depressed since. Laugh, be around children, find fellowship. Help others, do not spend time with people who insult you to your face or behind you back especially if they are family!

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  • Sounds like a good coping mechanism but it is sad to have a family that insulted you..

  • Families say the most ridiculous things my when my husband says something badly he kept a list of things not to say again. Oddly some of the rude things we have said have become jokes. One my husband said YOU know NOthing! He was so dramatic is now one of our favorite teezes Families reflect the world being family is difficult I feel it is a learning process to a test to become a better person. If they were to annoy me too much I think I would make it an excuse to allow myself some luxury present to myself or a mini vacation so they can bring it on. Thank you for being so compassionate Is everyone on this site from the England. ( I have a nack for asking the silliest questions) What is kind of funny is when I am completely miss a comment. There is no satisfaction for them then :)

  • I agree - the world would be alright if it were not for families - but wouldn't it also be awful!


  • I agree too, so you're not alone thinking this way. I've adored my youngest daughter all her life. She is the child of my second marriage and because her father turned his back on her when she was seven we have been closer than my other children are because they have always had a good father as opposed to my youngest who hasn't. But twelve months ago she broke my heart. (read my post if interested). She lied, left my home and my life. She texted me and told me I was dead to her. The horrible texts and dreadful lies and accusations went on for 10 whole months and although times are a bit better now because she's just had her longed for baby, the utter PAIN and horror of what she put me through never goes away. I wouldn't mind but it was all lies. We were so so close before last July. Her half sister has also taken her side and the family division is getting wider by the day. I miss her, the person she used to be so much. Why she changed and became so hateful towards me I honestly don't know. I try and keep busy and not go back in my mind to last July because it's too painful. But I wake up every morning with stomach lurches and palpitations and this feeling of "dread" stays with me each day. I too wish I was dead and out of it. I remember last July as if it were yesterday. So much for time heals........Christmas was horrible last year and I've got a feeling it's going to be as lonely this year too. Do you know, strangers and acquaintances speak kinder to me than my own family. I know this is going to sound terribly selfish but it helps me to know others feel like I do about family nastiness................

  • Hi, the situation with your youngest daughter does sound sad, she clearly believes you did something to harm her. What on earth did she think you had done that was bad enough to suddenly change your relationship from good to bad and to want to turn everyone against you?

  • I have to daughters and they could not be more different I did not see you message or I would not have waited six morally reprehencible months to get back to you. I though both my daughters were going to leave and be unkind sometimes they both have been so unkind that mentally I could have put them on another planet. Thankfully one is comming around and I am adjusting to the other. My oldest daughter does have some reason to be unhappy with her upbrining but I am not responsible for her bad decisions. I was worried about her on my computer she was so offended I made a bunch of funny faces like you might to cheer up a three year old she was manically texting and then there was quiet then she sent me a picture it was smiling our conversation turned around we did with pictures

    what we could not with words we are both artist I hope I do not forget again that the apple really does not fall far from de tree! Please let me know if you better I do have an idea or too if your interrested! There is bueaty in the plan of the universe you have to find a way to read the positive messages in life because you deserve to have sweet happy moments no matter what!

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