Stop it or No ??

Everything these days are so expensive from bills to food to general expenses like travel cost to get to work everything is increasing. Now I'm stuck with whether to stop taking the medication or keep on going with it if I stop it then I got abit extra to pay the bills or something eles. I know I depend on it the last time I missed 1 day of it I was emotional as hell (excuse the language) I just couldn't function I dont eat as much

Just is anything going to be any better just feel I keep on going back to square 1

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  • Very important keep taking the medication this will keep you going. Take each day as it comes and be nice to yourself eg: listening to music going for a walk writing nice positive things about youself each day. Hope this helps take care.

  • I think you should discuss this with a professional... there are a lot of factors to consider, it depends on how long you've been on the medication, how you are emotionally, how things are likely to pan out over the next few months to a year, what the side effects are for you, what the positive benefits of taking the medication are for you, what your other relationships are like, how good is your support network, how you feel about your medication, what alternative therapies you are involved with and what they are doing for you, and what support services you are accessing... and that's just to start with.

    It's good advice to be gentle with yourself and listen to yourself, be kind and take care of yourself in good ways, encourage yourself. but do these as well as taking medication and be sure to have formed some really good positive habits for a period of months before you even think of discussing withdrawing from medication with your GP. And when you do choose to try it... only do it when you've got your GP's support because withdrawal can be a huge physical shock to your body and an emotional and psychological shock to brain... so go easy on yourself... gentle kindness is the key.

    Hope this helps. :) K

  • Why does it cost money?

  • I'm assuming you pay for your prescriptions. Unless your GP says, you should not stop your medication.

    I have 2 ideas....

    Speak to your GP. They can prescribe several months of medication at a time so for instance you will pay 1 charge per medication but get 3 months supply.

    Or if you are on several medications, buy a prepayment certificate, that way you can may monthly, works out just over £10 and that includes all medications.

    Hope this helps financially! :-)

  • I missed my medication for a few days, and it really played havoc with my sense of emotional stability. Without that underlying stability, everything else becomes a lot harder. As others have said, speak to your GP and see if you can get e.g. 3 monthly prescriptions, even if you still go for monthly checkups.

    The time will come when you can cut down/come off medication, but this should be worked out with a professional. Sorry if this sounds alarmist, but if you had diabetes, you'd still take your insulin, it's just that physical symptoms are harder to ignore!

    I hope that you can work out a better financial compromise.

  • Hello all

    I like to just say a BIG thank you to all has replied to my post and thanks for the advice and suggestions I will certainly take everything that was said into account.

    Take care all xxx

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