what to do ????

right got myself a brand new job @ h and m been trying for ages finally got it obviously super excited love the brand. been there nearly 2 weeks week 1 of me starting ive been having issues with people being rude and unhelpful and the managers stressing me out

with me still being on meds i feel myself going back to square 1 where i was off work for a period of time due to stress at work. there's been a few occasion ON SHIFT i wanted to cry and i just dont want to be there anymore and i just want to leave within a few weeks of me starting

my heart is telling me to go because its not worth me risking anymore issues with my health bad enough now ive been ask to book another appointment for a prolactin and thyroid blood test. (not sure what it is by the way) all stressing me out. my mind is telling me give it a chance

should i go ???


should i stay ???

hope is made sense

thanks xx

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  • the blood tests will be for checking on whether the meds are affecting your hormones, as some will do .

    sounds like a difficult decision, you were excited by the job, but sounds like the workplace might be stressful ... Is there a temporary crisis on at work, or do they always have the same pressures? It can take a while to get into the routines needed in work, maybe the managers are a bit impatient with newbies?

    I'd probably give things a bit longer to let yourself adapt, but i don't really know how bad you are feeling, or if other things might be making you feel rough as well...

  • i know how difficult it is to get a job because I haven't got one and i wish i did. you are in a better place because your aim is to get better and being out there interacting with customers will help you. ignore how others at work treat you or behave, you will get that anywhere you go. society can be very ignorant especially the youth and those at work. focus on your job and providing a great customer service. when you do and you see customers happy it will give you a boost to keep going. if you feel you need to balance the work life with your health but don't want to tell work about your depression then promptly speak to a private CBT therapist. tell them whats going on with your new job and they will mentor you how to go about it all. until then stick to your assigned routine at work, slowly take initiative to do other small tasks but don't stretch or stress yourself and ignore the behaviour of others. the reason i say take initiative is that some managers being the bossy idiots they are will expect more of you so slowly try to nurture yourself to do so but try enjoy your new job.

    can you give us examples how the managers are stressing you out and what situations you've encountered where staff have been rude to you? maybe we can help you here how to manage the situations better

  • Stick it out,l'm fighting mega deppresion & l'm managing to hold a job down,l'm being treated like crap by a lass half my age,but l won't let her push me out.

  • Sidney1plumber I know this one.... if you can find out more about her life, no Im serious....

    I had an awful manager I had to deal with regularly ooooh we got into such fights. She was a complete air head and a crap manager I always felt bad for her team. Anyway as per I was working late, I went downstairs for a general chat as the day was finally over. A different manager told me about this woman's home life how aweful it was, it was like a light switch going on!

    I never had a problem after that, my brain just switched I suppose and tried not to make her life anymore difficult than it need be, she responded by not making mine harder and bingo problem solved.

    Crazy I know but often its about poor communication pure and simple. Maybe she has an issue with men or being made to feel she has to come up with answers all the time. If she was on here I think you would view her differently and it may just make your life easier. Im not implying its your fault, but people often have issues we know nothing about and we may trigger a reaction by mistake!

    Hope you dont mind me sharing.

    Good Luck

    I wish I could do plumbing... you know clean plumbing without any dirt of goo :-)

  • She's a young lass on 19,& plain & simply just has no respect,another member of staff who is someone l've known for twenty years had words with the young lady about her rudeness & to old me she has behaved like this since she started working there a year ago.to me it's just the youth of today's society never been shown respect so don't know how to give it.l'm not the plumber my hubby is.

  • Ah ha, so you do the clean sparkly dry plumbing..lol. Sorry she's rude to you. Maybe shes' a bit of a bully, sometimes you just have to go over their heads to the big boos .....dare I say :-)...maybe a quiet word?

    Good Luck and I hope things improve for you XX

  • Annie, Dont give up! Not until you have really tried to turn this around for yourself, what have you got to lose. If you don't manage it, you can still leave.

    Maybe when you have a moment (which I know isn't often when your working) . Break it down into its smallest parts so when you are asleep your brain can work on answers.

    Also maybe a good ole moan is in order, just try not to dwell for too long.

    Good Luck XX

  • Thank you to all the reply's i will certainly try my best to do all that i can to stay and ignore people and do my up most best. But if things keep carrying on like this i might just even walk out or leave within 2 weeks or something (never ever walked out on a job before nor leave within a few weeks of me working i don't want to be jobless. But if it means i will be happier ish ?? and leave with my sanity in place i might have to do that xxxx

  • Oh before I forget could you contact a temp agency see if you could move to something else straight after, I only say because its easier to get a job if youve got a job, take it from one who knows.

    Good Luck Today XXX

  • hello, carolinelondon

    what temp agency is this ???xxx

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