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methadone costs

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wrong area I guess

But I’m

Curious to know how much it costs to fund a methadone addict weekly ?

I know someone who abuses this and doesn’t need it ! They are just greedy !

They are taking the precious funding from other deserving cases like mental health

I’m raging !!!

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No idea, sorry.

I think that “need” is a subjective criterion, with all illegal drugs and replacements for them.

When you say “don’t need”, what do you mean? Do you mean they sell it on?

I know someone who does need it and is only prescribed a small amount so begs every day for the £300 or so the heroin he craves costs. His dad is terrified he will get a duff batch / get on the wrong side of a dealer.

All social services / drug counselling are delaying and delaying giving him the level he needs, and I can’t understand why.

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Elizabetha7 in reply to Geogeor

hello . Thanks . I mean they have no real need for methadone because they are not

I’m pain or have suffered any trauma to put them in Thad position . Some users I know are just greedy and will take anything !

I know one person in particular and it angers nd so much

Personal reasons . Don’t want to elaborate on

But she is a greedy one

Who will also smoke heroin

And drink

Wonder How much she costs government

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Geogeor in reply to Elizabetha7

I don’t know, is the answer.

Methadone costs a lot less than keeping a person in prison.

Looked at from one angle - addiction is a kind of greed. And it messes up people’s lives, even if the can’t see it.

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