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Vaginal soreness on right side only?

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Hi, I'm confused, I have a real sore inner labia, it's bright red! There are tiny pimples there too. As well as this I have nerve tingling that side.Im 49 so heading towards menopause. My vulva area is very dry and itches at night, driving me mad. I have no discharge etc and it's not thrush. I'm just wondering why all my problems appear only on the right side of my body?

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There are several possibilities, so it’s best to have a medical opinion

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Thanks but I don't trust doctors and won't be seeing one ever again.

Herpes? From whom, married for 30 years, same partner, sorry I find this answer highly amusing.

Could it be jock itch?

potentially lichen sclerosis. Fairly common in peri /menopausal women. Seek out a menopausal specialist for early treatment

Hi, maybe because you heading into menopause you have lack of moisture in that area. If it’s dry it will be sore and most likely to get irritated and red. A dr would probably prescribe Vagifem if they though it was this. And I’m not sure but I think there was talk of being able to buy this at a pharmacy,but not sure if that happened. I doubt you could get to see a dr anyway but they might be able to give you some sort of diagnosis over phone.

why do you say that you doubt that you can see a doctor? Being polite but firm should get a doctors appointment.This needs to be looked at, not diagnosed remotely

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