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Cuts in vagina part 2

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Hi I thought I would create a new post for everyone who has replied and a little update.

Last night (26th) I couldn’t sleep it was burning and itching every time I move was in agony I talked to my mum and said she would take me to a walk in centre. However the walk in centre I went too was closed and she was like only option is A&E and at this point it was hurting so bad I wanted to go.

Went to A&E and I got checked and obviously I pointed out to the doctor I haven’t been tested for herpes and im not too sure if this is it or not. He took a look and basically said it looks like a laceration from the skin of the opening on the vagina to the vagina opening. He did blood tests which all came back clean. He gave me doxycycline to help any infection that may happen and some caneston. This was all this morning and already started the medication and cream and already feel much better.

I would like to also add he did suggest going to a sexual health clinic when they open so they can check it and make sure he didn’t miss anything. Which I totally understand and will do ASAP. I’ve talked to my partner and he been very supportive and said he will support me through anything and if I did have herpes we will work through it together which made me feel much better.

Thank you to everyone that answered me told me about them and their problems it really helped me thank you.

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I do hope you get an answer soon. It's great to hear your partner is so supportive. Please keep up updated.

Your mom? Are you over the age of 18?

Yes I’m 20 she just took me as I didn’t have my car it was back where I lived

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