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abdominal pain and inability to empty my bowel completely

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I want to know what will be because of persistent abdominal pain at the left side of your navel and the cause of inability for one to empty her bowel completely after each poo. Again causes of weight loss in the absence of dieting . I am a mother of two and it all started last year after a vaginal birth

8 Replies
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Have you discussed with your doctor?

I'd just say that we're not medically trained here, so you need a doctor to rule out underlying issues (e.g. coeliac disease).

It might help you to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist, in case it's an issue with your pelvic floor muscles (they can benefit from a bit of exercise to help them recover from a vaginal birth).

I've seen a few recommendations for a Squatty potty, to help if you're struggling to completely empty your bowels too, could be worth a try.

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🤔Pain on the left side, and constipation issues, could be linked to the appendix. Best to get a GPs opinion. Appendix pain can start on the left even though the organ is on the right.

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Appendix is on your right side, so I wouldn’t think it was that unless it was referred pain. It sounds like possible diverticulitis. You could ask your nurse or doctor. If you start to have a fever, see a doctor right away.

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Hi cnjoku, I had that issue with my bowels and pain on the left side of my navel. I was told by the pain clinic that it was Diverticulitis. I never received any help or intervention from any healthcare practitioner. I left that surgery and joined a new GP practice. Due to covid I still haven't seen a GP. The new GP practice asked for blood tests and x-rays. I got very desperate and researched online. This brought me to the Coeliac UK website where I looked even further. I had a terrible thought that I had this disease so began writing down what I could and couldn't eat and what caused pain where. I did this for 2 weeks then went back onto the Coeliac UK website and completed a questionnaire. According to the website I had possibly got Coeliac disease. The website sent me the results with a note attached asking my GP practice to test me for this disease.

I think your daughter needs to speak to a GP and ask for tests as she's just given birth. Something is wrong and needs looking into urgently. If the GP ignores her or does nothing then go to a walk in centre or the hospital. I hope she's going to be ok. 😍

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Your daughter may need to get laxatives on prescription too. 😍

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I have that problem on and off for 30 yrs. Initially I had a Ba Enema which showed I had Diverticular disease with spasm. Probably a scan or colonoscopy now. Everyone calls it Diverticulitis, but if you haven't a temperature and not unwell all the time, it is Diverticulosis ie parts of the bowel muscle is weak and doesn't contract properly. It is a question of trying different things. Buscopan helps relax the bowel and painkillers can help the pain. Codeine is good but is constipating, too! Only use if pain very bad. I take them together, then.I have increased the fibre in my diet with oatbased Muesli for breakfast with blueberries and plain yoghourt. I have reduced carbohydrate in less bread-no white-, pasta, rice and potato. I have been given laxatives but they can cause pain. Now I have been prescribed Lactulose or Laxido. It is try it and see for a 2wk time and change from time to time. I think the pelvic floor exercises are good and a physio can help with that Also I have learnt that it is easier if the knees are above your bottom so put clothes wash box in front of toilet and sit with feet up. It says 5-10 mins which I find difficult, and try and push down

I feel for you as often it is something you have to learn to live with, like me!!

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I would get this checked out as soon as you can. I don’t want to worry you but I had bowel issues, pain on my left side and eventually a swelling just below my navel. It turned out to be ovarian cancer. This also causes unexplained weight loss.

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I really feel for you. I had bowel problem too with rectal pain and didn't know how it could be, ended up with a referral to a colorectal surgeon where I had to do a lot of tests, in turn found out I had pudendal neuropathy and that's why my bowels weren't emptying due to the pelvic floor being unable to completely relax to fully empty bowel, and external sphincter nerve damage. I was going back and forth to toilet prior to not knowing what was wrong, very distressing, considering I was normal emptying my bowel to being unable to, my story is long on about how I got this if you see my profile I think I put it there on how it happened of when I got this problem. Anyway It has been a long journey and still is, but my treatment now is that I use a system called the peristeen it is a water bag and pump to help empty my bowel if you google it on line you will see how it works this has changed my way of toileting but has definitely helped me to have my regular emptying of bowel no more distress of toilet' trips feeling really upset not to go normal and feel fully empty, however this was all arranged through my colorectal surgeon. I too had weight loss due to the Abdo pain and not being able to go, I had to do a lot of tests and also was referred to pelvic floor therapist which is what they help you to try and help relax the pelvic floor but they assess you and will tell you what they think is going on with your pelvic floor. I am only telling you my story as many women have this problem of not being able to fully empty bowel this is why my doctor referred me to a colorectal surgeon but I think you do need a referral to some specialist be it gastroenterologist or colorectal or just to pelvic floor therapist as they are very experienced in these issues and it is not just about laxatives it involves your pelvic floor and colon in which a specialist will do test, eg coloscopy and rectal nerve studies all this sounds a lot but if you are really suffering in terms of this has become a real problem for you, I would ask your doctor for a referral as this is a specialized area that will help you understand what it is and how to manage it better. It all sounds complicated but it does get you diagnosed whatever it may be it won't necessarily be what I have but it will lead you to your answers believe me. Also there is a site here in the hub part it has all about the pelvic floor and women with same issues, should say similar. Anyway writing really seems to sound ramble easier to talk sorry for long post am hoping this may help guide you in right direction and hope you find your diagnoses keep looking and seek .Also squatty potty like everyone has posted is true. also buscopan for Abdo pain helps. I hope you find some help soon really do feel for you.

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