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Late period after second covid vaccine

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Hi Everyone,

My period is a couple of days late ( i am usually every 30 days), I am not pregnant, 27 years old and healthy. I have never experienced late periods aside from in my early 20s when i was struggling with an eating disorder and consequently under weight. I have recently had my second covid jab ( 2 weeks ago so mid cycle), is it possible this has delayed my period? It didnt impact my cycle after the first one. I am very grateful to have received the vaccine and purely curious as to whether the vaccine has impacted on anyone elses cycle?

Thank you, Sarah

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Hey Sarah,Yes you're guessing correct vaccine can delay the periods. I had this same thing happened to me when I took my jabs. And I was worried too. So I went my Obgyn for this and she checked everything was fine. So suggested that It could be because of the vaccine and I should wait and see how late I am and see if it happens on the next cycle too. And she was right I was late for only that cycle after that things got pretty normal.

But if you're still concerned you should check it with your doctor.

I'm just here to share my side of the story and I hope this helps. ☺️

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Sar94 in reply to tothestars

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it :) I had read things in the papers and on the radio that the vaccine had caused slight changes to some women's cycles but that these changes are usually just for a few cycles. Many thanks for sharing your experience!

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tothestars in reply to Sar94

You're welcome ☺️ and just like daisy said mine also got back to normal by itself so there nothing to worry about if you don't have any other issues going on.

Hi, yes indeed there has been loads of coverage about this in the press recently.. it has caused a lot of changes in the menstrual cycle including length, heaviness of periods etc. Like you my first vaccine didnt make any difference, my second made my cycles go bonkers. The first one after my vaccine was about 38 days when its normally 28, then I had a couple of 21 days, then another 30 something days and 2 of those periods were like tidal waves and so heavy and 2 were literally 2 day non existent periods. They did eventually sort themselves back out only I have just had my booster so will be interesting to see what happens now! x

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Sar94 in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you for your reply! Sorry to hear it made your periods so unpredictable for a while, I'm glad they sorted themselves out eventually :) I hope your booster doesn't change things too much for you again. It is reassuring to know it is not just me that is experiencing menstrual changes and that they do sort themselves out in time. X

As tothestars says, this is probably the link.

There was a research project, where they monitored the effects of the flu vaccine on women's cycles, and they showed that vaccines around ovulation do throw off cycles. Most after Covid, say everything settles down after a couple of cycles.

My personal theory is that it depends on where you are in your cycle when you receive the vaccine. It's more likely for a stressful event before you ovulate to delay your period, than it is for a stressful event after you've ovulated to delay your period. If the first dose was given after you'd ovulated, but the second dose was given a couple of days before you ovulated, that might explain the difference.

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Sar94 in reply to Cooper27

Thank you for your reply! Looking at the dates it is likely i had not yet ovulated before my second dose so it probably did delay ovulation and in turn my period. X

45 days mine went missing after my shot!!! I am much older than you and perimenopausal but odd that it happened right after shot xoxo

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