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What's the best mini-pill to use?

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My GP has suggested the mini pill because my periods have become heavier and I also have endometriosis.

Research has told me that a progesterone only pill is the best option. However there are a few to choose from and so I don't know where to start.

Which brand would you recommend? What side effects have you gotten? Has it helped with your heavier periods and/ or endometriosis?



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I was given the pill to help with irregular/heavy periods and I'm really not a fan. I developed some side-effects that just never went away again (I stopped taking it 12 years ago), and honestly, when I stopped the problem just came back worse than before. My experience isn't the norm, but it's one I wish my GP had warned me about :(

I think the thing to consider, is that the period you experience on the pill isn't strictly speaking a period, it's usually a withdrawal bleed, because you suddenly stop taking the hormones for your week off. It gives the appearance of a regular cycle, with a very light and pain free though, which is why so many like it.

It's worth just seeing what feedback others with endometriosis have, see if they have any other suggestions.

Ok. Interesting. Thank you.

However GP mentioned that with the mini pill you don't get a break you take tablets continuously back to back. Said I may not get any bleeding at all ( which is exactly what I want!) So I wonder if that's different?

It doesn't really make a big difference whether you take the one with the week off or a continuous type to be honest. The only reason one comes with a week off is because the people who created it felt the body should have a monthly bleed to get rid of toxins (there was no scientific basis for that) so they designed one in. It's a weird one.

I think the thing to bear in mind, is that any pill isn't really going to address the issue, but it'll mask it for a while. If you opt to try it, it's worth doing some things in the background to help support your body (stress reduction, dealing with any nutrient deficiencies) just to make your life easier for when you come off it again.

You're absolutely right. Thank you. XX

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