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Vaginal discharge

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I’ve been having yeast infection and bacterial vaginitis none stop for a couple years now. I’ve been to the GP and they prescribe me with medication which clears it up for a couple months and it comes back again. I’ve had vaginal swabs and they’ve come back clear but I know there’s something, the discharge is white and sometimes has an unpleasant smell. I don’t know what else to do the GP doesn’t really help especially during corona appointments are limited

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Same happens to me and its going now for more that 3 years.My thought it is something to do with a coil that I have.I am thinking to get rid of it and see if anything changes then.

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Yh I think this all started when I got the injection and when I told my doctor she said it doesn’t say anything about yeast infections as a side effect. I haven’t been on the injection for 2 years now and the yeast infections keep coming.

Have you been to a Gynecologist? I didn't find out what was wrong with me until I went to one. My regular Dr wasn't much help either.

I was going to say the same thing! Best wishes

I haven’t been to the gynaecologist yet I don’t know how to get an appointment for one, how do I go about it?

Try taking RenewLife Vaginal Probiotics

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Thank you I’m willing to try anything at this point x

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🤔 It’s possible you have a yeast overgrowth, and it could be due to Candidiasis. Looking at your diet may improve the situation. For some people sugar and yeast are culprits for causing this sort of problem.

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I’m not a big fan of sugar or foods with yeast in them but I’m gonna start looking more at what I eat thank youu

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