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E. coli



Can anyone help pls? So been told I have E. coli not sure if there are different types? But I’m doing research on google it seems to be serious? And a person like me with Anxiety it doesn’t help. Can anyone advise me or give me any help if they have been through it themselves pls? Any kind of advice or help will be much appreciated

Stay blessed

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Ecoli in what ? It's a very common cause of infections especially uti's and stomach upsets.

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Uti but I’ve been reading up on it and can lead to serious health issues. In the past few weeks I’ve gone from one uti infection to another. I’m on antibiotics but it says E. coli doesn’t react with it

E. coli is just the bacterial in your waterworks, basically just what the infection is (bacterial that's grown) don't panic. It is a very common bacteria found with water infections. All infections grow a bacteria x

Thank you

On antibiotics now so hopefully it will do the job juts fed up now been on antibiotics for about 2-3 weeks and juts not within myself

Thank you for your reassurance it really helps

Stay well xx

Hi, I caught E. Coli several years ago in college. I think it was the tomatoes. Mine grew in the intestines which led to peritonitis. I was hospitalized for four days as being a kidney failure patient. They treated me with antibiotics, and I was fine! No complications whatsoever. :)

Hi I had uti last year that was e-coli and it is very common,couple courses of antibiotics before mine went.Just a pain with the night time loo trips and sore kidneys.Hope you get better soon.

Awww thank you, yes I keep

Going a lot during the night never happened before. But your reassurance helps a lot thank you for taking time out to tell me.

Stay safe and well xx


Sorry to ask but how did you know you had sore kidneys is that because of the E. coli and did you have pain any where else

Ive has kidney infections before so knew the dull ache you get with it,it’s a waist height back ache for me..and yes I had a tender bladder and the usual pain on weeing.As others have said,drink plenty take the antibiotics and if your still suffering after the course,go back to your dr and get tested again.Please don’t worry it’s not any more serious than any other uti infection,just in my case more persistent.

Awwww thank you your very lovely being so helpful it’s really making me more at ease. Yes will

Drink and continue my antibiotics

Stay safe xx

Hi I had it twice ...in my sinuses ..I have chronic sinusitus

First time I was hospitalized for 14 days .was last May 2019

and second time it ended with an endoscopic sinus surgery ..now 18 feb 2020

Don’t google too much it will just add to your anxiety

Ps ..if you have a fever ...go straight to ER

Good luck and hope you feel better soon

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Awww hun sorry you went through this, seems that your coming out of it stronger so stay safe and well. Thank you sharing and for the advice your advice is very helpful. Yes googling is not good I know? But it’s juts something I haooent o do but will stop

Stay safe and thank you xx

Stay hydrated and a lot of rest

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