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Why am I being given a dexamethasone suppression test?


After my previous blood test (stated on my last post) the doctor said that I was not anaemic, even though I have all the symptoms and have very low iron, and therefore won’t prescribe me with iron. I explained to the doctor that I was diagnosed with anxiety a year ago and that would be the main reason as to why my cortisol is high but he didn’t seem to think it could link.

They referred me to an endocrinologist to see what was wrong and even after describing my symptoms again he didn’t seem to care. As high cortisol can be related to Cushing disease I think this is what they’re checking for, even though I have no symptoms of this. Also, no doctor has actually seen me in person so they assumed I was overweight but I’m actually underweight, another reason as to why it’s unlikely I have a high cortisol related disease.

The endocrinologist has given me dexamethasone for a dexamethasone suppression test which I’m having this Friday, but I have NO CLUE why this is being given to me as I can’t find anything that dexamethasone is used to treat that could relate to me, and I don’t particularly want to take steroids as I’m only 17. I honestly think I just have an iron deficiency.

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The Endo obviously thinks it necessary to rule Cushings in or out, if you previously had a high cortisol result then it has to be checked with a more specific test.

Even if I have no symptoms whatsoever?

Did you have a high cortisol result ? Ok I just looked at your last post, your cortisol was high so that's why they have to test for Cushings.

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