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I have just been prescribed this for suspected uti and have taken first capsule.

Rather upsetting to read so many negative and downright scary comments about this antibiotic.

PLEASE, has anyone got anything good to say about this? I am always nervous about taking any medication but my problem has been going on for weeks now.

Would really appreciate some positive feedback.

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Hi. I’m a negative reviewer but the one good thing I can say is it cleared my uti/kidney infection.

Suspected? Did they do a culture to find the bacteria? I find the tests useless so I do a dna urine test with MicroGen DX..check em out online, a doctor has to sign for it but many will.

I had a horrible negative effect with Macrobid, that's why I said..suspected? You need to find out what bacteria you have to treat it properly. Also check out the website Ask a has reviews from real people for any drug you look up. Sorry, just wanted to pass on some info for you.

No urine test because very few face to face medical appointments are taking place at the moment due to Covid 19. Dr said if the antibiotic doesn't solve the problem to get back in touch and they will investigate further.

bantam12 in reply to Twitchen

Covid doesn't stop the surgery sending a sample to the lab ! you are being fobbed off ! I dropped one off at my surgery last week without having to see anyone.

You really need to know which bacteria is causing the infection so you can be put on the right antibiotics otherwise you risk having to take several before hitting the right one.

Personally I can't take macrobid, the only one I'm ok with is trimethoprim and I took a low dose for 2 years to clear a chronic infection.

If you don't get better you must insist they send off a sample.

Twitchen in reply to bantam12

In all fairness to the doctor it was 1710 hrs on Friday when she spoke to me, so bad timing going into the weekend, as of course nothing gets sent off or tested then.

I just don't think she wanted to leave me high and dry without anything and she did stress to get in touch again if no improvement in 3 days.

I’ve used Macrobid many times in the past and never had any issues. Always worked fine for me.

Thank you so much x

Hi there, your antibiotic is the generic name for Nitrofurantoin. I work in a lab and test urine samples every day. This drug is one of the best antibiotics to treat almost all types of bacteria encountered in the lab. However, it can have side effects (nausea etc). It should make you feel better within days if you do have a genuine UTI.

Hope you feel better soon x

Kezza09 in reply to Kezza09

Cephalexin is a good alternative and I've found less harsh on the tummy!

Thanks, I am always nervous about taking any drugs. I was a bit concerned about this one due to it having so many negative comments, or perhaps it is the case for most drugs in that only people who have had a negative experience bother to post.

I was also a bit worried as I suffer from neuropathy.

My daughter suffered from recurrent utis when she very young. She always took cephalexin which always cleared up the infection.

I found nitroforatonin somewhat harsher on the stomach, but I have IBS !

Hope your symptoms are better and you are on the mend . If not, you should send a urine sample to your surgery for culture at the lab.

Take care xxx

Thank you for the information. Trouble is that you can't dictate to the doctor what you think they should prescribe, if you know what I mean. Been on the Macrobid for three days now and I am not convinced that I actually have a uti. Oh well will persevere and see what happens. x

Just an update to say that the Macrobid didn't seem to make a lot of difference and I felt quite bad again at the weekend, so got another phone consultation.

Thankfully as it was early in the week and day, I was asked to drop in a urine sample and the doctor then phoned to say he was going to send it off to the lab for, I think he said, culture testing? Anyway he also said it would be a good idea to try another antibiotic as I was still getting pain and he has prescribed one called Pivmecillinam, so hopefully that will help.

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