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Changes to cervical cancer screening

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Hello! 👋 I’d be very grateful if you could sign & share my petition re changes to cervical screening in the UK! ‼️ Had my test been this year, they would have missed my CGIN and stage 1b1 adenocarcinoma, I’d have been sent away for 3 years and not survived much longer than that

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Signed and shared to my knitting forum.

(Would have shared to fb too but I have deactivated it).

Thank you so much!!

Lots of sigs so far.

It’s shot up since last night! Usually around 200-300 a day, doing really well it only went live on Thursday. Want a fair few thousand before I start harassing MPs

I will ask my friend to share on fb.

Had to argue with my g.p about this was refused a smear on request as it had not been nearly 3 years and 2 years mark

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ccsurvivor in reply to Afrohair

If you have symptoms show them the DOH guidelines

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Afrohair in reply to ccsurvivor

Found out I had endometriosis it can show up as changes in the cells still not had smear though and pregnant now will be 4 year by time I have it

Thanks guys!!


Signed !

Thank you!

Anyone know how long we should be waiting for smear test results atm? I’ve been waiting 3 weeks already and still no this normal with the current situation?

Even before the pandemic people were waiting up to 6 months with the backlog last year! Keep calling and pestering! Xx

Oh really!!! Wow....I’ve moved here from Ireland so this is all new, I had results sent to me within 2 weeks over there!! Thanks for replying xx

It varies by area here too!! Always pester them 😂 xx

They don’t even test your cells anymore. I’ve had abnormal cells for five years + and was so relieved to get my smear months ago. Only to be told with my results that because I don’t have the Hpv virus that there’s no need to test cells. I can not tell you how upset I was. I wrote to my GP who knew nothing about the new changes in the Nhs and she responded with there is nothing she can do. So I’m still in limbo as to whether I’m clear or it’s got worse and now have to wait another 3 years to have another smear only to be told I don’t have the virus. It’s appalling!!

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That’s exactly why I started the petition, getting a bit slow with the signatures now :( let me know if you’d like to help out, it would be good to have stories of women that have been HPV neg with cell changes!

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LMor in reply to ccsurvivor

Help out how?

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ccsurvivor in reply to LMor

Sharing the petition

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LMor in reply to ccsurvivor

Ok 👍

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