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Night Sweats

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Hi everyone....does anyone on here suffer from night sweats, not every night and no pattern, but I have them, I wake up and quite often have to get changed! 😫 x

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Hi, have the same, don’t see any patterns that would drive that. Sometime I can wake up terrified (no idea why, no bad dream or anything) very disoriented and my pj is soaking wet. I wish I could tell you why but in the same boat as you.

Ohhh Thanku! I hate it, I wish I knew wot causes it dont u? Have u had it going on for long?

Yeah had it for about a year but it comes and goes, I would like to know why but at the moment I am in early pregnancy so trying to worry about one thing at the time lol

Ohh bless you, god, yes just concentrate on that for the time being, if I find out anything more.... I’ll pass it on! Lots of luck with ur pregnyx

Pregnancy lol

I have that problem but I'm peri-menopausal. I can't take hrt as I take warfarin. I did some research and found that sage is good. I've been taking sage tablets for a while and it has helped me incredibly. You could also take it as a tea. Hope this is useful.

Ohh Thankuu! I think I will give it a try then, do u mind me asking , how old are u then? I’m 43 but had these sweats for about 3 years plus now

Hi, I'm 52! The product I take is Menoforce by A Vogel. I had to do something because of the sweats I was completely exhausted as they were waking me up so often.

Ohh bless u, Thanku so much! 👌

Perimenopause can start as early as your thirties. Mine started in my early 40's and is lasting forever. I'm 51 and still have not gone through menopause. Perimenopause can cause night sweats.

I've had night sweats on and off since my early 20's. Apparently a hormonal thing. Never did get it figured out, but haven't had them for awhile now. I'd discuss with your gynecologist.

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Ahh Thanku so much, I’ve had loads of blood test still waiting on some now, I hate it with a passion lol maybe I’ll never know, like u say just hormones then probably

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Hope you get it figured out. It definitely is uncomfortable!

Yes have them during the day as well, they cause broken sleep and can make you feel tired in the mornings, three years now and not going drive me mad. Feel nervous as well, part of being a woman

Thank you everyone for all ur help... and replies! X 😉

I get them to go with my super heavy flooding periods. I am 46 and this started last year.

Night sweats can be a symptom of low/ underactive thyroid. I had them off and on for 10 years from my mid thirties and they completely stopped once I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I’d encourage you to get yours checked.

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I had hot flushes day & night for 6 years before starting HRT. Medicinal herbs helped a lot, though it's a bit of a hit & miss approach unless you see a qualified medical herbalist who can prescribe based on symptoms.

My herbalist friend found changing her diet to cut out sugar, processed food & alcohol helped reduce the severity of her hot flushes naturally, though she took herbs, too.

OTC preparations might help, but be aware they can cause adverse effects if not taken appropriately, just like any medication.

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