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Trigeminal Neuralgia/facial migraines & menopause


I had a sudden onset of face pain a few years ago. The neuro thinks its facial migraine but a led to believe TN can also play a part. The reason he said facial migraine is because there was a pattern and it was very much linked to my periods and it was a regular pattern. The pain eased alot over last few years with just mediocre bouts of it. But it has now returned and I have no periods anymore to link in with any cycle however I noticed that it started as the onset of night sweats started.

For pain I only have paracetamol which works eventually but in each 4 hour cycle I am in agony for at least an hour or so. I have tried Gabapentin and I had such a severe mental/emotional reaction to taking just one pill that I refuse to touch any of that strain of drug (anti-epileptics). I cannot take codeine anymore as my body seems to have a reaction.

The GP has given me light HRT patches to try (because of link to hormones) but I am hesitant because I have Antiphospholipid Syndrome but have contacted my consultant to ask his advice. I would certainly be keen to try if I am allowed. (I am coagulated with Heparin)

My curiosity is that has any other woman noticed a cycle like I have linked to their facial pain?

Also if anyone has any medication ideas or pain reducing ideas I would love to hear them too :)

Thanks :)

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