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Bacterial Vaginosis and Metronidazole Gel


I saw my doctor recently, due to lower pelvic cramping. After tests (and ruling out UTI), a vaginal swab came back positive for Bacterial Vaginosis. I began using the Metronidazole Gel. I know that Metronidazole TABLETS can cause horrible side effects, but my doctor said I shouldn't experience any of those by using the vaginal gel. My questions are: 1) Has anyone experienced side effects from the vaginal gel? And 2) After the first dose, my urine smell is very strong. Not a bad odor.... just an extremely strong urine odor. Has anyone else experienced this while using the gel? Thank you for any information you can give me.

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Recently, I noticed unpleasant vaginal odour. So I did a Canestan home test and it showed positive for Bacterial Vaginosis. I bought pessaries, not realising they didn’t come with an applicator 🤦‍♀️ Then I bought a pack of individual gels (Canestan) which were easier to manage. Thankfully the problem was eventually resolved. I would have gone to my GP but it’s usually a 2wk wait for an appointment 🤨

I haven’t any experience of using Metronidazole Gel, you could type Bacterial Vaginosis in the search box to see previous discussions 🙂 xB

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