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Clogged sweat gland vulva area?


Hi ladies,

I am a 22 year old girl who has had this problem since I was 17-18 and no doctor has been able to help so far.

I have these tiny spots/bumps that are under my skin in the vulva region, they swap sides sometimes but it seems that it affects me more in my left side. When I move around they can feel VERY sharp, almost like there is a pin under my skin poking me. I usually notice this when I am in my bed turning sides and trying to get comfortable.

The pain is dull and achy, and I can only seem to feel them. Whenever I go to see my gynaecologist she tells me I cant feel anything, bartholin cyst has been ruled out as apparently it would be very obvious if I had it. A gynae did say its probably your sweat glands getting blocked, then drained and so on. But I need closure as the pain isn't great.

When my period comes the spot/spots go away and so does the pain, it's weird it's as if they get flushed away for a few days and reappear much closer to my period due date again.

I want to say I have three spots in total, one larger one nearer to my left side, and then two tiny ones under a fold in my right. It's in such an awkward place that I'm getting frustrated having to explain myself. It's causing me an uncomfortable pain, and wanted to know if any of you may have an idea of what it is and how I can possibly treat them.

Thank you!

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Hi spir12345, I'm sorry that no doctor has done further diagnostics to determine exactly what this is. Leaving your suffering for 5-6 years is criminal! You need an ultrasound to determine exactly what is going on here. I don't know about sweat glands being blocked for 5-6 years.

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