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sore breasts


hi guys sausage123 here, i’m here to question any girls that are around their teens. i have recently been having sore breasts. i got my period about just over 4 years ago and whenever it is time for my period, i don’t experience sore breasts before or after so i’m a little confused as to why it’s happening now. it’s only been going on for just over a week though.. are my breasts just growing? is something wrong or is it normal? anyone else experiencing the same?

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Normal for it to occur around ovulation time so midway between periods, how old are you ? possibly hormones ramping up a bit but if you are worried see your GP.

I usually get sore boobs when they are growing or I am wearing a different too without a bra.

When I was younger and still growing I used to get sharp pains etc. I think it’s normal really

I’m 17 and I get sore breasts randomly, it’s weird as a few months they’re completely fine and then for a few months they are so sore and even if I brush my hand on it I accidentally hurt myself! I associate the pain with them growing, that’s what I’ve always done I may be wrong but the pain is normal to a degree. If you feel too concerned don’t be shy to see a doctor :)

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