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Planning the second child

Hello everyone!!!

I am 36 now… And I am a happy and proud mother of the lovely 14 year-old boy.

Much water has flown under the bridge since my first pregnancy…Me and my current husband are considering to conceive. He is a good and supportive father for my son. Nevertheless, he is dreaming for a daughter with me. So we launched the process. Unfortunately we haven’t succeeded so far…

But I have a problem with my endometrium, so I am not quite sure whether I can have a child.

I will appreciate a lot if you can give me some tips how we can solve our problem!

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Hello Anna! There’s no problem that can’t be solved, I believe.

If it’s not too private, is your son the love child of previous marriage? We all can understand why your husband wants badly to have a daughter.

How long have you been struggling to conceive for? Do you have an endometriosis diagnosed by your ob-gyn?

Most things of fertility depend on our age. This might be a problem. Carry on Ann carry on! I hope You’ll get it!

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Hello Rumble-Oldie!!!

Yeah, it’s totally not a secret. My son, Felix, is a child of the first marriage. Felix is still in touch with his father. Basically, we have good relations. I think we just were too young for marriage.

I started to experience an intractable lower abdominal pain a month ago, so I decided to visit my gynecologist. That’s how I found out that I have an endometriosis. Totally we have been trying to conceive more than a year so far.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for being supportive!!!


as I know the endometriosis has its stages and if it’s possible to conceive it’ll be decreasing endometriosis’ harm. The hormons in pregnancy affect the lining and its disorder. However, if disease is severe it needs the other decisions to take.

really don’t want to mention surrogacy. can’t even know how you relate to this ‘method’ and what you may think about it.

hope you’ll be trying until It works out. am sending you positive vibes and lots of love!


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