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ultrasounds were horrible

Hello ladies.I had me this procedure on March 16th, 2017 because of very heavy periods and severe cramps that I never had when I was younger, pre-op I did have a biopsy and ultrasounds done. I am a baby with pain and the biopsy hurt so bad I cried, it was done in the office. The ultrasounds were horrible because I had to have a full bladder and the Tec would press down on my stomach and I was in so much pain, though I was gonna pee right there! The doctor said that I was a perfect candidate… Had the procedure in the hospital with anesthesia, it went well, I’m allergic to codeine so Dr. gave me Tramadol and it was great. Had it done on Thursday and went back to work on the following Monday with no issues. I did experience all the symptoms, even called my doctor to make sure everything was ok and was assured it was. I had watery discharge to heavy bleeding, the smell was horrendous, I itched like crazy and cramped too, this all did not stop for 4 weeks, I was fine for 2 weeks then got my period! This time it was worse than ever with the cramps and same on bleeding, called the Dr. again and he said it was normal and give it 6 months to line out, that I was still healing. (my two-week follow-up I saw the pictures and it looked like everything was “burned” really good, doctor said it took really well) Ok, I’m now 3 months post-op and still have cramps (not as severe) and light bleeding for my regular cycle however it only last about 3 days instead of like 8-10. I too hope this will stop completely.

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