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On behalf of a friend

This is on behalf of a friend of mine who has had a clear mri scab and all manner of tests and all come back clear and she doesn’t know what more to do. All the doctors are scratching their heads.

It's dizziness, blurry vision and being unable to get things into focus, lack of balance, especially when I try to get up, I can't walk straight at the moment, really bad headaches and an agonising shooting pain on the right side of my head.

Can anyone help?

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Has your friend talked to a psychologist and psychiatrist? Sometimes mental health can manifest as physical ailments.


I think she has, but not 100% sure. I’ll ask her. Thanks. She’s in her GCSE year so that easily could be a contributory factor. It’s just the unknown and it’s worrying me.


Did you have CRP and / or ESR blood tests? Ask about these?

Have you had your ears checked out by a Specialist?

Keep going back to your GP till you find out what's causing this.

Do you have any pain or stiffness come on when chewing food?

Have you been referred to any Specialist? Eye Clinic or ENT or Neurologist?


Gosh those are good questions!! I’ll have to ask her those too!!!

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Do you know what blood tests your friend actually had?

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Hatchen, this is the RNIB helpline

0303 123 9999

You may like to phone, tell them about your friend's blurry vision, being unable to focus and shooting pains in right side of head & other symptoms to & Ask their advice?


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