Lump :(

I feel a bulge, lump or something covering my hole throat on the right side, I'm so scared, I can't eat as I feel if I eat it might get in the way and I'll choke, my heart keeps fluttering, can hardly breath and when I do constant pressure on my throats I'm so scared of my throats every day I do feel something down in my throat I feel like it's gonna kill me

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GO TO THE ER RIGHT AWAY! I wouldn't take it lightly.

But I've had test down I've got scope down throat and ent and barium swollow test and it resulted as acid reflux but I always de this way

Omg... Did you tell your Dr you're still uncomfortable with the findings & that it affects the way you eat & stuff? They may need to do more testing.

Yup I have but he said I've had enough I'm 19 it's down to anxiety he said

Awwwww well take deep breaths and try not to think negative things... You have to eat though! So if you eat and feel like you're going to choke or if you look in the back of your throat and still see a lump or buldge & feel uneasy go to the ER whether the Dr told you that you were fine or not. Dr's are supposed to know best but you know your body and if you feel like something isn't right still, it may not be. I'm not a Dr but that's my best advice to you as that is what i'd do in your situation.

I talked on the phones with my doctor he said cause I went of my medication this is gonna be hard that I need medication

Oh ok.. Do you have your medication yet? & has the issue gotten any better?

Have you had your Thyroid tested? You may have a goitre. Blood tests will confirm whether it’s Thyroid or something else. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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