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Thrush problem

So I've been struggling with thrush since march 2017. It comes and goes. Worst thing is that it's usually without any symptoms I only have a slight discomfort feeling down there. I went to my GP several times with this, a nurse took a swab,always showed thrush and got treatment usually tablets&creams. Then my GP doc sent me to a sexual health clinic and they didn't even find thrush or anything else. After a few weeks I went back to the clinic because i had pain during urination sometimes and I thought that it's thrush but it wasn't. The nurse tested my urine and it was high in protein so she said it might be a bladder infection and it will go away on its own. After this I went back to my GP doc so maybe she will refer me to a gynaecologist because I had pain again during urination and had an odd sticky and thick yoghurt like discharge but she said that I shouldn't be worried since it's not itching but she still gave me the treatment for thrush which didn't work as usual. I don't know what to do now because I have a weird discharge now again and i have pain during urination; not always but occasionally.

Could anyone help me with some advice because I don't know what to do now?

I'm 18 and college starts soon again therefore I don't even have a lot of time now to waste it with my doctor as I'm working part time as well.

Any advice helps, thanks

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Please go back to the doctor and ask for an exam for possible yeast infection.


I used to get frequent thrush, with that horrible discharge and also the itch. Frequent bladder pain too, sometimes when passing urine. Treatments for the yeast infection never dealt with the situation permanently. My GP tested urine but could never find any infection.

When all else failed, I consulted a Homeopathic Practitioner, and a Kinesiologist. Both agreed my problems stemmed from Candidiasis (overactive yeast condition).

Definitely pursue this, if it is Candidiasis, you can help yourself by cutting triggers from your diet🙂xB


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