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Low Folic Acid Levels

I'm a breastfeeding mum, and found out today at the GP that I have low folic acid levels. Vitamin b12 was high though. I've been feeling awful for the last few months, and seem to have all the symptoms of folic acid deficiency.I've been prescribed 5mg of folic acid a day until my levels are back up, but after a bit of research I would prefer to take folate and not folic acid. Unfortunately folate doesn't come in doses higher than 1000mcg. Could I take 5 of these a day to tally up to my 5mg a day instead? Without it being dangerous?


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healthunlocked.com/pasoc are the experts on folate and B12 deficiency so pop over to them and ask your question.


Okay I'll check them out now. Thank you!


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