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Anyone had endometrial ablation?

Hello all

I'm due to have this procedure next week for really heavy horrible periods.However, this was never offered to me, I actually asked for it as someone I know has had it done and said it was great.

The problem is, the gynaecologist has never given me any info on the procedure I have had to find everything about it online and now I'm worrying myself because there does appear to be several forums where woman regret having it done because of constant pain, weight gain and there is a risk that womb cancer would not show any symptoms later on as the lining of the womb is scarred and would prevent symptoms such as post menopausal bleeding from showing up.

I'm worried now and can not get through to the consultant to ask.

Anyone with experience of this?

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I presume you have probably had the procedure now but My daughter had this about 18 months ago and she is fine she even has a baby girl. No wieght Gain.

U will get after pains but these will fade


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