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High white blood cells in urine

Just went to my Drs yesterday, I've been spotting between periods (just a couple of days and only when I wipe or have a bowl movement). Had a urine sample takin and found a high white blood cell count. Also had a paps test where it showed irritated lining that when. She swabbed it, it was bloody. I've had a right side middle of the back pain (not unbearable, just annoying for months now). Anyone else ever have this? Thank you

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No, sorry, sounds like you are doing the right thing and getting tests so good luck with the results.

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I second Smackee input and I think it needs to go to the doctor but it does sound more like a water infection GBU x :)


Does this ring a bell?



I had this and it turned out I had PID caused by Bacterial Vaginosis. The antibiotics are horrible but they really work, don't drink alchol or eat anything with alchol, including some cough syrups and extracts.

PID is where an infection in the vagina goes past the cervix and spreads to the reproductive organs.


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