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Strange lump on vulva

The other morning, by chance I found a lump in the skin between my labia majora and minor. It didn't hurt at first, it's a little tender now but I think that's from all my prodding! The actual initial lump I found isn't that large, it was hard at first but has soften slightly with my prodding. But it's attached to what I can only describe as a long fibrous vessel/mass which heads down between my two Labia towards my body. I'm making an appointment with my gp when they open, but obviously I've been extremely anxious. Has anyone had any experience of this, and could it be something as simple as a blocked gland? I've not had unprotected sex so I can rule out any sti's.

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Could it be a skin tag?


I don't think so. The lump itself is just below the skins surface, and then the attachment goes deep down into the skin, almost as if it's an inflamed vessel going back into my body, which is why I thought it could be a blocked gland/pore or something. But obviously I'm worried that it could be something more sinister that's attached to feeder vessels 😬 !


I have sebaceous cysts that can become infected elsewhere & painful so wondering whether could get rid of by laser before this happens as have utis acute 3 weekly?Or could HPV vaccination help ?I am probably too old but you may not be?


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