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Hi, I have had quite severe pain in my left breast and have swelling in my left armpit. I saw a g.p. a few weeks ago about it, but because she was running half an hour late, she didn't really examine me properly, gave me painkillers and said to come back in 2 weeks..couldn't get me out the door fast enough..sufficed to say, I left in tears.

Anyway, on trying to get to see a doctor last week, the receptionist started going on about putting me down for a phone consultation, she wouldn't make me an actual appointment so I told her not to bother. 

(Long story short, this was a new practice I registered with as my previous g.p. was less than helpful, and mis-diagnosed Trochanteric Bursitis, putting it down to a muscle strain for 18 months).

So, does Mastitis need treatment, or does it clear up eventually? 

Pain is nothing new to me, lucky I have a high pain threshold. 

I will be trying to get an actual appointment again soon, but am wondering whether or not to change g.p. again..

Thanks for any advice..

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Hi Chelle😊

As it happens I just had a less than satisfactory experience myself this morning🙄

It would be useful for you to look at nhs.uk and search 'breast pain'.   If it's a group practice ask to see someone else, I think you should be diagnosed properly.



Oh dear, sorry to hear that, so frustrating isn't it? I will take a look at the website you mentioned..

Thank you for replying

Hope you're ok?

Best wishes..


Hi there you didn't mention if you are breastfeeding or not and if you are that means that baby is most likely still small and not emptying the milk. I had it with my first baby and yes I needed antibiotics to clear it. Both breasts were swollen, hard and I had a raging fever and lots of pain. If it's not improving or getting worse then call your Gp and tell the receptionist that they have a duty of care and must see you. Marjority of the Gp practice have same day appointments if they say that the Gp will call you back accept that as depending on your condition and situation they will ask you to go for an examination, don't get fobbed off, be firm and say you need to be seen full stop, all the best

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Hi, I have never been blessed with being able to have children, so i'm not breast feeding. If the pain gets any worse, I will see if I can get an appointment, if not I will just go to the walk in centre and explain to them why I can't get an appointment with my g.p.

Thanks for replying, and hope you're ok?

All the best..


Hope you are getting better


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