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Perimenopause ????

Hi , I am relieved to find this page as I am wondering what the hell is happening to me ????? I suspect the Perimenopause but would appreciate any advice before I manage to see my gp on Friday ?

I am nearly 45 yrs and here's a list of my recent issues exept for the night sweats which have been coming and going for a while !

Extremely sore boobs and nipples for the last 3 weeks

Night sweats just before period (usually )

Mood swings and occasional really extreme anger/last few weeks off and on

Trouble getting to sleep ! hours !!!! about 3 mnths

Last period heavy and went on for 2 extra days

Palpatations and flutter in my throat, last 3 weeks

Cramps and odd twinges in tummy , uncomfortable muscle pain in the side of upper stomache ( feels muscular ) and the odd twinge in the lower back at the side ? Last 2 weeks ( I AM REALLY ANXIOUS ABOUT THIS SYMPTOM . I HAVE HEALTH ANXIETY BUT DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT MUSCLE PAIN IN PERIMENOPAUSE ? SO IF ANYONE DOES PLEASE SHARE ?)

I feel mostly sure my hormones are out of balance ? Any info shared will be greatly appreciated !

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Hi Larissa, sorry to hear you are suffering, been there myself. The best person to speak to is your GP or Well Woman clinic, they will be able to settle your mind and take into account any other health issues you may have. No doubt you have had a look on the Internet but just in case you haven't here are a couple of links to Boots and peri-menopause and NHS Menopause symptoms which I found really helpful. Lots of other info is available once you are there. Hope your GP helps you on Friday.




yes these are symptoms that are experienced by women in perimenopause.Your hormones are fluctuating.Have your periods changed either in amount or frequency as well.There are a number of different options available form lifestyles to nutrition amd herbal medicine to balance your hormones and breeze through menopause.


Yes, you are describing classical perimenopause symptoms. I started perimenopause when I was 45 and eventually had to go on HRT because I was only sleeping for 2 hours per night - not good when you are in full time work, had stress incontinence, some hot flushes/adrenalin rushes would actually drop my blood pressure and cause me to faint, and my cycle would fluctuate between 10 days (three periods a month) to 40 days. I felt anxious, was forgetful and seemed to lose the ability to drive safely - I thought I was going insane. After trying every alternative supplement and spending a fortune on this without any success, HRT was my saving grace - restored normal body functioning and I felt 'normal' and sane again and able to sleep for 6 - 7 hours a night. I transitioned into menopause at age 52 but still remain on HRT at 54 (on lowest dose) cos hot flushes/adrenalin rushes still occur. Because I started HRT early (well before menopause) this is considered more safe according to recent research. It restored my life and quality of life.


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