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If my period has stopped, is my life over?

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I'm 55 and after an odd sequence of periods ( 3.5 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks) I have not had anything (except bronchitis) since. Last year when blood work was taken it was confirmed my hormones were declining, but not menopausal yet. I was Peri.

Never been married, never had children. I have diagnosis of some heart disease, together with my lifelong asthma.

Ok everyone, who wants to cheer me up and explain why my life isn't over.

Humor is most welcome!! Thanks everyone!!

20 Replies
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I'm 55 too, been in menopause for over a year now, your life is not over yet! Though tbh I know how you feel! Be prepared for the menopause. One good thing is, it's great not having to put up with periods any more! But the menopause in my case is not pleasant. Constant hot flushes seem to be worst thing. Just try to enjoy the rest of your life, make the most of it and do all that you enjoy😁

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IChoose in reply to susieanna

My hair has been thinning out terribly for 2 months so tonight I gave myself a very cute short lob. I researched for make up and really smoked up my eyes. I'm actually feeling 55 and fabulous right now, but I don't know if men are attracted to short hair.

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Kidney777 in reply to IChoose

Do you like your new cut? If pleases you, and so does your new makeup your revived, improved mood will show, and that is attractive.

At least you may find yourself a bit more outgoing.

I'm 51 and just cut my hair short-shorter than I planned, but I actually feel less frumpy than I was feeling before.

In fact, I'm planning to color my hair purple. Myself, at home.(just a big chunky streak in front....)

I just surfed the web yesterday and found tons of pics and stories from older women who've done it and are super glad.

Check out photos of models and actresses with short hair if that will help you feel more confident about short hair.

Also, there are lots of women bloggers sharing their "over 50" experiences with new styles and self-confidence.

*I don't think your hairstyle or looks are the most important thing, tho, and I hope you don't stress a lot.

People date and get into relationships with people they like. Try volunteering in some area that interests you.

Go out with your new look and you'll meet new friends as well as men with similar interests.

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I'm 51 almost 52. I'm counting the days until my periods stop. Can't wait! Bring it on! I'm looking forward to no longer having painful periods, PMS and crying spells. The doctor said it will likely correct my breakouts. Yes, I still get those at 51.

It is our next new chapter of life. Sure, we look a little older, have a few more pains, BUT, we have lots of life experience. Things that were so all consuming in our 20s no longer matter, which frees our minds up to experience life in new dimensions. Go out and explore a new interest, take on a new hobby, challenge yourself in ways you would never have dreamed in your earlier years.

My Mom turns 83 this year. My Dad passed away 3 years ago. My Mom just sold her house and is downsizing greatly. She said she is the happiest she has every been in her life. She is free and unburdened. That's what I'm working toward. Hopefully, I can reach that state earlier than 83!

Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug, then put on some 80's dance music and dance around the house in your underwear! We're in our 50's, we can do that! :)

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IChoose in reply to Zazzel

At this time in my life I'm the most burdened I have ever been.

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Zazzel in reply to IChoose

Ugh! I know the feeling. It was supposed to get easier when we were "all grown up!" I just started getting feet fires- meaning my feet feel like I'm walking on coal. I'm not getting hot flashes, but really painful feet. My doctor can't figure it out some I'm betting it is neuropathy caused by drop in estrogen. Going to gyno tomorrow. The joys of womanhood!

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IChoose in reply to Zazzel

Never assume. my mom has had those feet fires and she has lupus and has had guillan Barre. Let us know how your docs visit goes.

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Tsmtam123 in reply to IChoose

Agreed! Never assume I have lupus and it's not fun and sometimes hard to diagnose

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sevenjuls7 in reply to Zazzel

Have a b12 level done. It could be pernicious anemia. Don't wait !! Neuropathy damage can't be reversed. But you can keep it from getting worse! Good Luck!

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Zazzel in reply to sevenjuls7

Thanks for the input and suggestions. Everything you listed seems like it should be the answer, but I had tons of blood work taken (27 vials) got all my B levels checked which were fine. Nothing is off. No thyroid issues, no lupus or anything like that. Had an EMG done- no neurological damage and no anemia. Also had EKG done and no heart issues. Neurologist said no pulminary neuropathy. He was concerned it might be MS, so they had a recent brain and spine MRI done and they found a benign tumor on my spine. Possibly causing the issues. Definitely not MS though which was a relief. Waiting to speak to my neurologist this week. My gyno also thinks it could be caused from menopause and my hormones. Luckily, even though it still happens on occasion, it has lessened.

Oh, and not I'm getting hot flashes as well as foot hot flashes and haven't had a period in 3 months and my FHS are over 200 which my gyno said was the highest she'd ever seen. So, definitely going through the change.

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Kidney777 in reply to Zazzel

I agree! I'm about 51 and no longer working in a career that required a more conservative style, so I'm going for some changes in my looks

I got an undercut several months ago (shaved the sides and back) and I'm going to put a large purple streak in the front of my hair today or tomorrow.

Since I was in my teens I've wanted to try blue streaks.

I am feeling that happy sense of freedom at my age.

Also, I highly recommend searching YouTube for 80's music videos.

Watching videos and clips from Soul Train is super fun, too!

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Zazzel in reply to Kidney777

Love it!

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IChoose in reply to Kidney777

I like YouTube music too! I think I'm stuck in the 70s. Would love to do some lavender and green in my hair

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Why would you think life was over ?! If anything life begins as you are now free of the dreaded periods.

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IChoose in reply to bantam12

I loved getting my period. It was very helpful to my asthma and sinusitis, which have been chronic my whole life.

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I am 50 and have come out the other side of it now.

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IChoose in reply to Escada29

How do you look and feel? How long did it take?

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My periods stopped at age 47 hot flushes were horrid but sage tablets helped alot. I am a little fatter than I was but am 50 now I don't seem to have hot flushes anymore. A few niggles in the womb every now and again but no bleeding. I am glad no periods anymore . I don't really feel any different, a little older maybe. Please try not to worry it happens to us all x

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IChoose in reply to Escada29

Did you try soy foods, black cohosh, etc?

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Escada29 in reply to IChoose

I think I did have a go with soya milk at one point thats all.

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