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Endometriosis Stage 4 + Hydrosalpinx

Hi, I am 31 and two months back I came to know that I have an 8 cm big endometrioma on my left ovary. Also, my left tube has hydrosalpinx. I am trying to get pregnant. Can anyone please suggest me is it possible to get pregnant naturally with these complications. What treatment should I go for? I am so confused and worried right now. Any advise or suggestion is much appreciated.

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Hi RaSo😊

I was actually due to go for investigations myself when I found out I was pregnant.

For anyone who is wondering what this condition is - Endometriomas are endometriosis cysts actually inside the ovary. They can be removed surgically, small ones are usually left alone.

Hydrosalpinx is a blocked Fallopian tube filled with fluid.

Women with bilateral (both sides) tubal damage are infertile and will need IVF in order to get pregnant.

I did find a site where women were discussing this condition and how they coped with it. But, as we all know, links don't always work as expected😏 The site was called ' community.babycenter.com' and I found it by googling 'does endometrioma and hydrosalpinx cause infertility'.

The best advice is to consult a Fertility Expert, and of course your Gynecologist. Ovarian reserve (eggs) can be measured by a blood test called AMH( anti mullerian hormone).



Hi wobllybee,

Thank you for your reply. And congratulations!!! I have been trying to get pregnant from past 3 months. I have consulted the fertility clinic here in Canada.The fefertility expert said you have to try to conceive naturally for atleast 1 year and if i am not able to conceive on my own untill one year they would then help me conceive through other methods. After i insisted for tests to see if my other ovary and tube are fine before starightaway removing the left ovary and tube, the gyno agreed for further tests.

The tests will be done after I start my periods. On day 1 and day 3 of my periods. Then day 20 of the cycle.

I am not sure if I should get my left tube removed and then try to conceive.

I really really appreciate you for responding. Thank you so much!

RaSo :)


Much appreciated😊 I wish you well 😊 xBeryl


Hi RaSo,

I also have blocked fallopian tubes and have been reading about various options, (research, different clinics procedures, peoples experiences etc.) for several years now for if i wanted to try and conceive.

I know that many ivf specialists would rather the damaged tubes be removed before ivf treatment begins because there is evidence that hydrosalpinx secrete fluid that can prevent successful conception. I assume the same would be true if you were trying to conceive without ivf.

I'm sure there are ladies out there who have conceived naturally with similar circumstances to yourself though. Just wanted to share what i've read with you.

I don't know whether to have repair work done to my tubes and my ovaries (i have an ovarian cyst too and adhesions around my ovaries and endo) and then to try and conceive naturally or whether to have damaged tubes removed and have ivf.

I hope it all goes well for you xx


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