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Tissues found during teeth extraction

Hi.. I had a wisdom teeth removal in Pearl Dental, Burlington yesterday. My dentist called me up today to tell me that while he was extracting my teeth he found some tissue attached to the gum ( pearldentalburlington.com/s... ) . He said that he had sent it for a surgical biopsy for a lab analysis just to make sure that everything is fine. i don’t smoke. And of course I admit that I never had any dentistry visit for the past 10 years. Now I am worried. Was my ignorance the root cause for this problem. I never visited the dentist just because I never faced any problems. Is this case common? I am really worried. Any suggestions on this would be very much appreciated!

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Hi Suman1930😊

As it happens I had an extraction only last Thursday 😁 While the pre med took effect, the dentist did the usual checkup on other teeth. One of the things he remarked on was level of cancer risk. I've never picked up on this before at the dentist, perhaps it's a recent addition to their check list?

I don't smoke either, or drink alcohol much ( for obvious reasons😏) but I have had breast cancer, so his remark touched a nerve with me.

Having a biopsy taken is of course scary, especially when it comes out of the blue and you've had no previous discussion. Try to keep things in perspective while you wait for the results.

I wasn't at all well after my extraction. Lying flat and tense for an hour did nothing to help my ataxia😁 I hope it went better for you😊 xBeryl

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