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Urine infection?

Hi ladies. I suffer with PCOS, IBS (diarrhea daily), chronic asthma, depression, anxiety and suspected endometriosis (I have diagnostic surgery in just under a month to confirm or not)

Anyway, since I was about 16 I've suffered with stress and overflow urine incontinency aswell. I've been ill the past few days with lack of appetite, vomiting and severe diarrhea. Today I feel a lot better but I sneezed at work and wet myself a little and then when I went to the bathroom to clean up I got a smell of like hair dye from my underwear. I had a urine test done about 2 weeks ago and there was no infection present, however do you think there could be one now? I have no other symptoms apart from going to the toilet a little more frequent but there is no pain or discomfort when I go. Dehydration possibly?

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Hi Maria94, amazing, I have exactly the same illnesses - but not the suspected edometriosis. I have been ill over the whole of the Christmas period and two lots of antibiotics (after urine tests) and they say (as with you) no infection present. Mystery! So if we get any reasonable replies with ideas could we please exchange them? I am well on the mend now and I certainly hope that you are too. But the whole experience is very strange, Oh, and I have never in my whole life had a urinary tract infection before, ever - and I'm getting on a bit. Cheers.


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