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LLETZ Treatment

Hey everyone.

I had LLETZ treatment nearly 3 weeks ago now following abnormal CIN2 cells found on my cervix.

I felt find straight after the treatment and for a few days afterwards. Now however I just do not feel right at all. My pelvic area is sore and numb and I get numb legs when lying down, I have also had this constant bloating and pain in lower abdoman.

I know I should of gone to the doctors by now however I am registering again with a new doctors back in my home town as my partner left me a week after the treatment and I have had so much on my mind I have been putting up with the pain.

If any one else has had similar symptoms after lletz I would love to know what it turned out to be or if this is all in my head, any advice would be much appreciated.

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It would be a good idea to have this checked out, ongoing unexplained pain will only make you feel worse. Make an appointment ASAP.

Best wishes 😊xB


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