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Super worried!

So my last period started July the 1st and ended the 5th and 3 days later on Wednesday I had unprotected sex for literally just a minute then we stopped and the same thing Friday just for a minute. 2 days later on Sunday July 12th I was spotting brown and I was like that for a week then it stopped. Then on July 23rd a Thursday I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. But then I started sporting dark brown on Saturday the 1st of August and I was due to start my period the third. Well on Sunday the second I had dark red/brown blood and it was a medium flow so I figured I started my period. But it's been the same flow,color,and consistency up till today which it's been 7 days now. Usually at the end of a period it would let up and I'd just be spotting but it looks like the same as day one. I usually have a heavy flow with blood clots in the beginning but it's been medium flow with no clots all week. Don't know if I could be pregnant or this is just my period being irregular or there's something wrong with me internally. I'm only 17. Oh and I've had only medium cramps but my lower left side usually is the only side that is cramping during this "period". Sorry that it's so long. Please help!

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Now it's been 8 days of bleeding


Shellseasue, repeat the pregnancy test if you're still concerned you may be pregnant. The 8 days bleeding is almost certainly your period. Sometimes the cycle is longer or shorter than previous times. If it continues beyond 14 days see your GP. You can ask about birth control at the same time. 1 minute sex can't be satisfying for you but it is long enough to get you pregnant.


Thank you so much!


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