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feeling sick ? help?

so for about the last 5 days, i've been having stomach trouble. at first, the pain was pretty small and didn't bother me all that much. but by the third day, it started to become very un bearable. i can't really pin point where in my stomach it hurts but its sorta in the middle and sorta lower. i took some medicine that day, and it seemed to help. the next day, i went to my grandma, who's a pediatrician, and got tested for strep throat bc my symptoms are always stomach ache and headache, but it came back negative. but today, after i ate ( pizza & 2 brownies) i would say 20 or 30 minutes after, i started to have really bad stomach pains. they were very un bearable and i couldn't ignore them. after a while, i started to feel nauseous and i freaked out ( i have a terrible fear of vomiting) i told my grandma , since i was at her office, and she gave me two tylenol pills. it eased some of the pain, but now (about 3 hours after) my stomach no longer feels painful, but feels uncomfortable and i feel very fatigued. it literally feels like someone just sucked all the energy out of me. also, i keep on feeling like i need to go diarrhea or poop (sorry tmi) but when i go to the bathroom, nothing comes out. i don't feel constipated or backed up. i really wish i knew what was wrong? also, just btw, I'm 14 and i do have ibs, so idk if that could have anything to do with this but anyways, does anybody know what could be wrong with me? :(

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Hi Elise😊

How lucky are you having a Grandma who is a qualified Doctor!

Speak to her again, or see your Doctor if this continues to give

pain and causes changes in bowl movements.

Perhaps she has misinterpreted your explanation of symptoms.

Best wishes 😊xB


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